FAQ: Interview

We plan for a slot of one to one and a half hours for the interview. Of course, we do not want to break off a lively conversation. So therefore, please let us know in advance, if you have important follow-up appointments, so we can finish the call on time.

This varies depending on the position. In any case, the manager responsible for hiring is there. Usually also a member of the Human Resources department will join and, if helpful, a team member from the specialist department. We always inform in advance about all interview participants.

We delete the data in due time after the application process, unless we receive permission by e-mail that we may store the data beyond the respective application process to build up an “applicant pool”. This means that we can contact you at a later point of time as soon as we have a potentially suitable position to fill.

For all questions regarding the interview, please contact Stefanie Lang or Corinna Seidling. They can be reached by e-mail at personal@a-m-w.eu or by phone at +49 8024 470999 24 (Stefanie Lang) or +49 8024 470999 26 (Corinna Seidling).