Goserelin is a synthetic peptide that can be used in particular in the treatment of hormone-dependent tumors, especially in prostate cancer. Thus, the goserelin intake has indirect effects on testosterone levels in men, whose reduction stops the growth of malignant cancer tumors.

The cancer cannot be cured because about one fifth of the tumor cells are hormone-resistant. However, 80 percent of patients achieve remission. It is an analogue of natural gonadoliberin, which is released pulsatingly and binds to the receptors in the anether pituitary lobe, a part of the brain. This causes the release of the luteinizing hormone (LH), which is required in men for the production of testosterone, in the pituitary frontal lobe.

If the action of the pituitary gland does not take place pulsatingly, but continuously, the pituitary frontal frontal lobe becomes insensitive to the excitation (“down-regulation”). The persistent effect of goserelin thus — after an initial stimulation — causes a sharp reduction in pituitary hormone levels and, as a result, an inhibition of testosterone production.

By a goserelin implant, the same testosterone level is achieved in principle as after a removal of one or both testicles (orchiectomy). The advantage of a goserelin implant is obvious: clinical studies have proven that the therapeutic success of goserelin implants and castration is almost equivalent. With a goserelin implant, the trauma of castration can be avoided. In addition, goserelin therapy has fewer undesirable side effects than treatments with other medications such as diet hylstilböstrol.

Goserelin can be used in breast cancer and endometriosis (growths of the uterine lining) due to its inhibitory effect on the secretion of sex hormones. However, these indications have not yet been sufficiently clinically tested.

AMW GmbH has independently developed Goserelin implants with doses of 3.6mg (one month implant) and 10.8mg (three-month implant).

In addition, AMW GmbH also offers Leuprorelin implants for the treatment of the same indication.

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